Thursday, 16 February 2012

Minority reacts to Presidents address

Minority Members of Parliament Thursday clad in black with red bandanas round their necks mourned what they called the sorry state of the nation.

The Minority said the state was in a moribund state and staged their dramatic mourning on a day the president presented his fourth State of the Nation address before congress.

The Minority did not mourn in silence as the president delivered his message; they heckled incessantly attracting the president’s light-hearted comment that “even though I expected to be heckled, I did not expect the heckling to be so gargantuan.”

No sooner had the president finished his delivery than all Minority members of the House came to their feet waving red cards and chanting ‘a-w-a-y, a-w-a-y, a-w-a-y’.

New Patriotic Party MP for Adansi Asokwa and former Deputy Energy Minister, K.T. Hammond faulted the president for criticising the judiciary.

“In many of these matters that reflect negatively on governance, the Judiciary as the institution of state with the mandate to dispense justice, and the Executive with the mandate to implement the law, must act as partners engaged in a collective effort to rid the country of corruption, drugs and other harmful activities.

“Any perception that the Judiciary is on the side of wrongdoers undermines democracy and the institutions of democracy.

“Whilst urging our Honourable Justices to live up to their noble calling of independent arbiters, I would also like to remind them that they are an arm of government and that they have as much responsibility as the other arms of government in ridding the society of criminal elements, thereby ensuring justice for the citizenry and other persons,” President Mills had said.

But Mr Hammond said that amounted to an unnecessary attack on the judiciary.

He also faulted the president for conveniently avoiding the over-flogged Woyome judgement debt issue.

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